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A relaxing waiting area with soft music 

Esther staff Supervisor always making sure that everything is in order.  She is also our Worker's Compensation Specialist. Always caring for our patients!!

first floor Hallway

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Dr.Pillai always welcome his patients with a big smile!!!



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​​We have to have life plants. Did you know that plants help purified the air.  Now  you know!!!​

Yeap, you got it, this is the boss office, but
where is she? Oh we know, she is at the store probably buying


Building lobby

Reception area

Office hallway

Here is Dr.Fig making sure to get energized for the afternoon patients.  Mmmm sure that looks good!!!

Pat our ARNP is always making sure that her patients record are up to date. 

Our patients love the waterfall as the  sound of the calming water relaxes them!!!​

​Jean our Billing Specialist is in charge of the entire practice billing department.  She has everything organized and under control.  WOW!!!

We are always appreciative of our pharmacy representatives who keep us up to date with the latest information about medications.

Here is Dr.Pillai calling his patients after hours. He is always making sure that his patients receive undivided attention.  Always caring!!!

Outside building


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Leslie our Office Assistant taking the time to listen and give the patients undivided attention when they call the office.

First floor elevator